Plan to attend UUCNC’s Monday, July 29, 7 PM film showing, Cooked: Survival by Zip Code, at 222 Temple St., Fredonia NY. For details, see the News & Events pages at the tab above, or visit the online calendar.

Summer worship at the UU Fellowship of Chautauqua is at 9:30 AM each Sunday, now through August 25. For more information, see the News & Events tab above, or visit

UUCNC’s weekly worship will return on September 8. As special summer events are scheduled, locate upcoming events on the online calendar.

Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air! — Ralph Waldo Emerson

From the incoming president

As we finish the turning of another UU year, we thank our outgoing Executive Board president Val Colt. I will, for this next year, step into that position. I hope the transition will be seamless…and note that we are losing some wonderful board members, while retaining some, and gaining some others! Thanks to all!
The board has two primary responsibilities…the efficient running of business as usual, and listening to the changing and evolving needs of the congregation of UUCNC, and meeting those needs with significant and considerate action.

The previous board brought Rev. Ron Skowronski into our pulpit. Rev. Ron has served in an advisory capacity to the board and has supported several committees, as well as bringing thoughtful insight into his sermons. We look forward to another year of his service.

As always, it is the congregation and committees who bring their interests and needs to the board, and it is with enthusiasm and dedication that we endeavor to address the needs of our congregation together! We rely on our congregation to advise us of the issues we should consider, and hope to work with the congregation to bring solutions and decisions that will enable us to look forward to a year of peace, of achievement, of satisfaction, and of dedication. We are all important, members and friends, to the success of our actions and values!

Thank you,
Barb Albert