Have we learned nothing from history?

The “Holy Days” of March are behind us.

Hopefully, many have a renewed Faith, but also a commitment to act upon their faith within their daily lives.  As I was preparing the Easter sermon, I was listening to the radio.  The reporter shared that a … read more.

Persistent, peaceful example

People seem to love traditions.

People seem to hold fast to beliefs and customs of our ancestors.  And yet, we talk about the benefits of change, evolution, and growth.  The world is a unique place.  On one hand we claim the benefits of Science. On the … read more.

Health and Safety Policy

The UUCNC Executive Board has established a Health and Safety policy. The current policy replaced the earlier COVID policy effective October 15, 2023.

The Health and Safety Policy is also available under the Governance tab on this website, under Governance > Policies.


Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird.
It’s a plane. It’s…Cupid ?

Yes, it’s February, the month we dedicate to Love, primarily due to our preoccupation with Valentine and his day.

The average American will spend between $131 and $192 this year, expressing devotion towards a dearly … read more.


Some of the Holidays are now behind us. One can only hope the we have “survived” them with style and grace. As wonderful or difficult as this time of year is, we now prepare for the coming year with its challenges and joys.

It has been … read more.

Empathy, tolerance and love

Christmas is coming. The geese are getting fat…or so they say.  It is supposed to be a time for great joy and celebrating.  Many are preparing to welcome a small, innocent babe into their hearts.  He will be called “The Prince of Peace.”  In my … read more.

Make a positive difference

As I look outside my window these days, I reflect on the past year in order to prepare a sort of “Gratitude List” for Thanksgiving. I am not different than any other person. I am grateful for food, clothing, and shelter. I am grateful for … read more.

Chalice Circle Sundays

2023-24 Religious Exploration Program for All Ages

RE experiences is offered for three multi-age groups: Elementary, Coming-of-age, and Teen/Adult.  All groups will meet at the UUCNC meetinghouse (222 Temple St., Fredonia NY) on the third Sunday of each month at 10 AM

Each group develops its own covenant of … read more.