Inherent worth and dignity

It’s May! Spring appears to have finally sprung!

Even though our thoughts are rapidly moving toward regeneration and growth, we are always mindful of the challenges that face us and our fellow brothers and sisters on this beautiful blue ball called Earth. In recent weeks, I have noticed that the subjects chosen for Sunday services have often reflected our deeper need for understanding the human condition. The Power of Prayer, Forgiveness, Restorative Justice, Insights into the teachings of Jesus were just a few of the subjects we reflected on. It got me to thinking…Do these subjects that we continue to ponder, year in and year out, have a common denominator? It hit me that one of the most important things we must make a dynamic commitment to is The Inherent Worth and Dignity of Every Person. Yes…That is the first of our Unitarian-Universalist Seven Principles.

I ask myself if I really do have the mental and spiritual discipline to embody what must be the most important Principle, since it has taken the vital place of Number One. It is, as those who follow Star Trek would call it, The Prime Directive. It would seem that if we do not safeguard each other’s Dignity, virtually nothing else can fall in place. How many times a day do we forget to afford each other the Dignity that we, by right of existence, deserve? You, under any and all circumstances, cannot practice Radical Love without making safeguarding the other’s Dignity the top priority.

This position is nothing new.  From the most ancient times to the present, we challenge ourselves to aspire to this high goal of human growth and evolution.  It appears that we have, to date, missed the mark by the proverbial long shot.  Common sense informs us that even though that is a fact, it is still vitally important that we never quit trying to gain the moral/spiritual high ground.

This Spring, as you plant flowers for the beauty of the Earth, may I also suggest and encourage you to plant the seeds of dignity, compassion, and justice into your heart, in a deeper way. I believe that what will bloom forth will not only benefit you, but will serve the growth of all of us.  A World That Works for Everybody begins with safeguarding everybody’s DIGNITY!

I Bid You Growth,
Rev. Ron