Persistent, peaceful example

People seem to love traditions.

People seem to hold fast to beliefs and customs of our ancestors.  And yet, we talk about the benefits of change, evolution, and growth.  The world is a unique place.  On one hand we claim the benefits of Science. On the other hand, we can often be dogmatic and down right “mule headed” when it comes to matters of faith.

We would like to believe that you can separate church and state. You can’t. What you hold in your heart and head will absolutely influence your relationship to almost everything and everyone. 

I recently met someone with a clear and present antagonism toward Science. His defense was clearly “religious,” but dangerous when considered that he was basing his opinion on a world view that had the potential of serious consequences if accepted by the body politic.  It is sad to note that many so-called “believers” have no problem seeking to control and even oppress the non-believers. The different-believers face an even harder struggle. In a world that is obviously out of balance, out of control…We need the “cavalry” to come to our rescue. 

That is where we, the liberal church, come in.  No…

We really aren’t going to come charging in to save ourselves from ourselves. By Persistent, Peaceful example, we will continue the good struggle for universal peace, justice, diversity, and Radical Love.

As Mick Jagger says…We are all sinners and saints. This month we celebrate the life of an ancient Rabbi who understood that principle, that unites all humanity at its core.  So whether you prefer to thank Jesus or Jagger, please do so by forgiving easily, loving wastefully, and defending our Mother Earth. Now, that is an Easter Celebration that I really can get behind!

Namaste…The Best is Yet to Come,
Rev. Ron