Empathy, tolerance and love

Christmas is coming. The geese are getting fat…or so they say.  It is supposed to be a time for great joy and celebrating.  Many are preparing to welcome a small, innocent babe into their hearts.  He will be called “The Prince of Peace.”  In my opinion, his influence has been profound.

And yet, in spite of his “Good News” that God is Love and that we should love our neighbors as ourselves, humanity continues to run headlong into hatred, chaos, and destruction. It isn’t that we aren’t very bright. Far from it.

We just appear to think that we can make the same errors but get different results. Unlike some of our brothers and sisters, I don’t believe in Messiahs or Saviors. I believe that each one of the human family is responsible to follow their own conscience. If we practice the principles of empathy, tolerance and love, the results will speak for themselves. We have already seen the results of ignoring the message of the Rabbi of Love and Peace.  In my experience, Peace doesn’t come wholesale, all of a sudden. It comes by a fierce determination to think and act in a manner that will attract each to the other—one person at a time.  Ask yourself: What small act of kindness can I do today? Who can I encourage? Can I pay Love & Peace forward, just for today? If we really want to honor the birth of Jesus, let us start acting like Jesus. It really is that simple.

Let there be Peace on Earth and let it begin with ME. In however you “keep Christmas,” I encourage you to find the True Spirit of this “Holy Season” where it has always been: In your heart. And just in case you are feeling somewhat left out of this message… Nothing could be further from the truth.

From my heart to yours…
Merry ChristmaHanuKwanzaka
Rev. Ron