Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird.
It’s a plane. It’s…Cupid ?

Yes, it’s February, the month we dedicate to Love, primarily due to our preoccupation with Valentine and his day.

The average American will spend between $131 and $192 this year, expressing devotion towards a dearly beloved. The day has always confused me a bit. Much like Christmas, it holds a lot of “show,” but not much real sincerity.

Yet, we persist in the flashy displays of so-called affection, while the angst of our “real” world persists. How do we love actually? We are a faith community that affirms that we stand on Radical Love. Rigorous honesty demands that, with regularity, we do a self-assessment. Do we radically love each other? Do we radically love those who are expressly difficult to love?

If we are to grow together, we must love together. We already know that we don’t have to believe alike in order to love alike. May I suggest that we celebrate this Month by self-assessing, and then self-actuating those areas where we are lacking. Just a little more loving-kindness would really help…wouldn’t you say?

There are all too many questions. There is only one real answer… Radical Love.

On the Side of Love,
Rev. Ron