Make a positive difference

As I look outside my window these days, I reflect on the past year in order to prepare a sort of “Gratitude List” for Thanksgiving. I am not different than any other person. I am grateful for food, clothing, and shelter. I am grateful for my relationships. I must also reflect on the many who suffer throughout our world — who have, in many instances, little to be grateful for. I long for a time when we do have a world that works for everyone.

‘Til that time comes, all I can do is what we all can do: Our level best to make a positive difference. One day at a time, one person at a time. I believe that Thanksgiving should not only be a day to reflect on our personal/collective gratitude. I will use some time to meditate upon our Unitarian Universalist Principles and Living Traditions. I will assess where I am in the practice of our Principles. In gratitude for such guidance, I will recommit myself to these spiritual disciplines not just on Thanksgiving, but hopefully every day.

One more thing: I began my new journey as your minister on October 1, 2023. I am humbled and deeply honored that you have placed in me your trust. I implore you to really get to know me, as I covenant with you to do likewise. We are in this thing called “Life” and “Spiritual Community” together. It is my absolute intention that in the future we will grow individually and collectively in cooperation, loving compassion, and great joy. On November 23, as you celebrate Thanksgiving (Friendsgiving) with turkey or tofu, I wish you all every joy and satisfaction.

In Loving Service,
Rev. Ron