Chalice Circle Sundays

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2023-24 Religious Exploration Program for All Ages

RE experiences is offered for three multi-age groups: Elementary, Coming-of-age, and Teen/Adult.  All groups will meet at the UUCNC meetinghouse (222 Temple St., Fredonia NY) on the third Sunday of each month at 10 AM

Each group develops its own covenant of right relations and reviews it each month. Occasional multi-generational activities will be planned.

  • Elementary classes (grades K-4) follow Soul Matters themes.  Children will be introduced to the UU Seven Principles.
  • Coming-of-age classes (grades 5-8) focus on studying faith traditions and developing personal faith.
  • Teen/Adult Discussions focus on topics chosen by participants (e.g. UU values, current issues, social action, spiritual practice, UU history, book study, etc.) and may follow Soul Matters themes or activities.  Online recorded classes in nonviolent communication, relationship building, conflict resolution, and bystander intervention may be included. Guests may be invited to present on areas of expertise.