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Threshold Team Update

The Threshold Team is compiling the results of the congregational survey held following the March 8 workshop. Over 40 people have participated, and some clear trends are emerging.

The Threshold Team invites everyone to a pre-service meeting at 10 AM on Sunday, May 4. The coffee will be on and some delicious breakfast snacks will be available downstairs in the Grange Hall, as Threshold team members share results and ask for congregational impressions and feedback.

Responses to the question about space needs have been sent to the Building Acquisition committee.

The Threshold Team has been working with CERG (Central East Regional Group of UU districts) consultant Rev. Renee Richotzke and has set three primary goals:

  • raising awareness of our congregation’s mission and vision,
  • creating a video to showcase the many things our congregation has to offer, and
  • developing effective leadership to help us move toward our vision of UUCNC’s future contribution among and beyond ourselves.

Over the past few months, Threshold Team members have been meeting with representatives of the various committees and affinity groups to explore how they live and promote our congregation’s mission and vision. As Renee has explained it to us, our “mission” is the way we live our core values and our “vision” is the aspirational values we hold. We hope, plan and work together to move toward our vision, and each group has worked to define its values and to set goals consistent with the vision of the congregation as a whole.

The Team is working on refining the Strategic Plan and will be involving the whole congregation in exploring and clarifying our mission/vision so that the plan can be as focused and meaningful as possible.

The Threshold Team will incorporate that work into the Strategic Plan and bring the plan back to the Executive Board and to the congregation as a whole for discussion and final revision. We hope the congregation will formally adopt the strategic plan at this year’s annual meeting in May or June.

Another goal of the Threshold Team is the creation of a video, approximately 5 minutes long, that will celebrate our congregation and explain a bit about how we live and promote our UU mission and vision. Jack McAlevey, who is generously representing our youth on the Threshold Team, is working with Jefferson Westwood to create this video. If one of them approaches you with a camera in hand over the next couple of weeks, please share your thoughts and a big smile! They have obtained permission to use the song, “(Ours is a) Simple Faith,” by Mustard’s Retreat, in the soundtrack. Once the video is complete, we hope to share it on our website so that potential newcomers can learn a bit about us! (Note that before we include any children in the video, we will request permission from parents. Please ask Jefferson about this if you have any questions.)

The third team goal is to enhance leadership development. We hope to encourage committed and enthusiastic people to step up into the various leadership positions essential to the healthy functioning of our congregational community. We are especially interested in developing young leaders and in helping folks discern what they have to offer and where their gifts best fit the needs of the congregation.

As we search for space that better meets our ministry needs, Renee reminds us to keep bringing ourselves back to the question of how the space can serve to promote the mission and vision of the congregation, keeping in mind that the space is a means to this end.