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Adult Workshop
posted: February 22, 2017

Cultivating the Beloved Community: Applying the wisdom of Dr. Martin Luther King
Saturday March 25, 10 am to noon
Led by Consulting Minister Rev. George Buchanan
at First United Methodist Church (25 Church Street, Fredonia NY, facing Barker Commons)

In this workshop, we’ll draw on the wisdom of Dr. Martin Luther King to reflect on how we are helping to realize the vision of Beloved Community he raised up for us – that is, a world with justice, peace, and plenty for all. Dr. King’s wisdom is still important to our practical work in our local communities, as well as the wider world. Let’s gather and learn together.

Enter the church building through the door to the addition to the left of the sanctuary doors, go up one flight of stairs, and down the hall to Room 22.

Collecting Items for Refugees
posted: February 21, 2017

The Racial Justice Task Group of the Social Action Committee will collect items for refugee families on Sundays, now through March 26.

Because of the executive order, many refugee resettlement organizations are:

A. Experiencing budget shortfalls (funding is tied to the numbers of refugees allowed in the country), and
B. Do not expect to be settling any new families in the immediate future.

So what can you do?

  1. Donate money directly to the organizations to help stave off the shortfall.
  2. Donate to legal aid groups that fight for refugees/refugee rights. The Social Action Committee has postcards. Make a donation, and they’ll send you some!
  3. The agencies still need school supplies, specifically: notebooks and loose leaf paper (both college and wide-rule), primary composition books with space for drawing, backpacks (adult/high school and children’s), folders with pockets, 3-ring binders (all sizes), markers and crayons, erasers, pens, pencils, Arabic to English pocket dictionaries, and French to English pocket dictionaries.
  4. Donations of bilingual picture books. Imagine being a parent and unable to read to your babies because all the picture books are in English! To find books, just google (or search on Amazon) “bilingual picture book Arabic English.” Many options are available for under $10.

Thanks to Jessica Lustig for doing the research and making this easy for us! And thanks to all of who are able and willing to support this project of our Social Action Committee.

MarketPlace Circle
posted: February 20, 2017

MarketPlace: Handwork of India is a non-profit fair trade organization working to train women in India to dye, embroider, and sew beautiful clothing and household items. The spring catalog is here! Or view it at the link above.

To save on shipping costs, Cheryl Ritch will organize a group order to be sent on April 10. Please talk with her if you are interested in placing your personal order as part of this group. The catalogue can be viewed online, or you can look at Cheryl’s catalogue before and after worship services through April 9.

Ongoing Food Drive
posted: February 19, 2017

Look for a large box in the back of the sanctuary to receive food donations and personal hygiene items. Each month donations will be delivered to one of the local organizations that feeds those in need.

- Social Action Committee

Supporting UU Service Committee
posted: November 30, 2016

Guest At Your Table (GAYT) contributions were collected at the January 8 & 15 worship services to support the work of the UU Service Committee (UUSC) in their ongoing commitment to stand with vulnerable and displaced peoples in today’s world.

Donations from 13 UUCNC households netted $935 for UUSC, earning recognition as a Creating Justice Banner Society, with over 25% of members contributing. In addition, the January 8 Share the Plate offering brought in an additional $189, and as always our congregation donated $1 per member to UUSC from our operating budget ($38 total), earning a James Luther Adams Award in recognition.

More information is at www.uusc.org

Winter Coats & Boots for Refugees in WNY
posted: September 16, 2016

Thanks to all who donated winter coats and boots for refugees at Sunday services in November, and thanks to Jess Lustig who delivered the items to Catholic Charities in Buffalo, which has distributed them to refugees residing in Western New York.

Scroll down for details on the two Social Action efforts endorsed by our congregation in 2016-17.

Social Action Efforts 2016-17
posted: September 15, 2016

The congregation has endorsed these two congregation-wide social action projects for 2016-17.

The projects will be monitored by the Social Action Committee (SAC), given logistical support, provided funding from the SAC budget, given access to the newsletter, website, Sunday service, and other communication platforms, and become ministerial priorities. The task groups for selected projects will report regularly to the Board and congregation, and can ask for additional support.

Fragile Earth Film Series at Jamestown Community College

  • Description: Show meaningful, provocative, educational films focused on themes of ethical eating, peace, water, and climate change.
  • Goals: Increased awareness, advocacy, and social justice
  • How this reflects UU principles: Interconnected web of life
  • Task Group: Skeeter Tower, Nancy Mayer, Jeff Barr, Judy Singer, Diane Clark

Racial Justice in our Community

  • Description: Phase I: Hold an event (possibly in January) for our congregation to listen to leaders of churches and organizations that serve non-white populations and hear what they would most like from us in terms of support.
  • Phase II: Provide support as requested, with the goal of being seen as allies rather than white rescuers. Ongoing support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Possibly use resources from the Southern Poverty Law Center.
  • Phase III: “Adopt” a refugee family, possibly in the spring, as they assimilate into American culture. Provide assistance with language, immigration issues, work, housing, education, clothing, etc.
    Goals: Increased awareness, advocacy, and social justice
  • How this reflects UU principles: Justice, equity, and compassion in human relations
  • Task Group: Alex Holbrook, Jessica Lustig, Janey Wagner, Susan Besemer

Recycling Ink Cartridges
posted: September 15, 2011

Ink cartridges are collected and recycled by the Social Action Committee to benefit the Westfield Stray Cat Rescue (59 E Main St, Westfield NY).

Deliver spent ink cartridges at worship services on Sunday mornings, September through June.

Please donate your deposit cans and bottles!
posted: September 2, 2011

The Youth Group reminds the congregation that the donation of your deposit cans and bottles is greatly appreciated! Colleen, the owner of Cash for Cans (on Route 60 in just north of Route 83; driving from Rte. 20 it is housed in a large garage with a bright green roof on the left) has generously offered to continue keeping a tab for us for this ongoing fundraiser. Call ahead to check when they’ll be open: 716 672-2274.

All you need to do is drop off your deposit cans and bottles when you are out running errands. If you ever have trouble getting there or need help with a large accumulation, members of the Youth Group will pick up your contribution.

Every little bit helps! In 2011 we raised just over $150 in four months for our trip to Boston, and each year since we have raised a similar amount. Thank you for your support!