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Shared Thanksgiving Dinner

posted: November 20, 2014

The Vegetarian Dining Group plans a Shared Thanksgiving Dinner.

Based on expressed interest, the dining group has decided to go ahead with dinner plans. The dinner will be held on the evening of Thursday, Nov. 27, with set-up at 3 PM, dining at 4 PM. Participants will bring a dish for the dinner and will assist with some aspect of set-up and clean-up. Last chance: sign up at the back table on Sunday, Nov. 23 to indicate what dish you will bring.

The group has hosted Thanksgiving dinners in the past – complete with both traditional turkey and vegetarian main dishes – and these have been wonderful congregational gatherings, but do require volunteers for set-up and clean-up.

Questions? Please talk to either Judy Singer or Catherine McAllister.

New Soul Matters Groups

posted: November 19, 2014

Register by Sun. Dec. 21 for new Soul Matters groups starting in January!

Soul Matters are small groups (6-10 people) that commit to meeting twice a month for three months. The Soul Matters format encourages spiritual growth through engaging in spiritual practice, deep listening, and sharing on the monthly theme. Some groups formed in October will be continuing, and new groups will be formed as needed.

The groups will begin meeting in January, with the commitment from Jan.-Mar.; and the final series Apr.-June. After a 3-month commitment, one is free to continue participating (if there are enough folks in your group who wish to do so), stop participating, or join a different group should there be space available in another group or a new group is forming at that time.

If you are interested in becoming part of a Soul Matters group, or learning more, please contact Rev. Terry by Sun. Dec. 14 and/or register by Sun. Dec. 21. A form will be available at services on Dec. 7, 14 & 21, and a Soul Matters participant will be there to answer questions.

Themes for the rest of this church year: integrity, faith, resilience, revelation, tradition and revelry. In addition to these themes informing our worship services and Soul Matters groups, our Religious Exploration program will also use these themes for the monthly focus in our children’s classes.

Building Acquisition News

posted: July 16, 2014

The restructured Building Acqusition Committee steering committee (BACSC) has been in existence for a year. The BAC has worked to take the steps necessary for finding space that better supports the congregation’s ministry.

Given the call for for simplifying the organizational relationship role of those representing the steering committee, changes to the BAC diagram were discussed and accepted at the July 8th meeting. The updated BACSC diagram is under the Governance tab above; select the virtual Filing Cabinet, then the Building Acquisition link near the top of the page.

Current BAC steering committee members are John Ames (BAC finance committee chair), Mitchell Cummings (member at large), and ex officio member Reverend Theresa Kime. Space search chair is Skeeter Tower with Nancy Mayer assisting. The chair of the BAC committee has not been named.

Welcome, Kids & Families!

posted: September 27, 2013

Welcome to Religious Exploration (RE) classes at UUCNC!

In addition to loving care in the Caterpillar Room, for children from birth to age 5, older children are welcome in the Butterfly Class (ages 5-10)! The Dove Class (grades 5-8) usually meets one Sunday each month. Learn more by clicking the About Us tab above, then selecting Children’s Programs.

Questions about Children’s Religious Exploration? Speak with RE Coordinator Karen Taverna.

Please donate your deposit cans and bottles!

posted: September 2, 2011

The Youth Group reminds the congregation that the donation of your deposit cans and bottles is greatly appreciated! Colleen, the owner of Cash for Cans (on Route 60 in just north of Route 83; driving from Rte. 20 it is housed in a large garage with a bright green roof on the left) has generously offered to continue keeping a tab for us for this ongoing fundraiser. Call ahead to check when they’ll be open: 716 672-2274.

All you need to do is drop off your deposit cans and bottles when you are out running errands. If you ever have trouble getting there or need help with a large accumulation, members of the Youth Group will pick up your contribution.

Every little bit helps! In 2011 we raised just over $150 in four months for our trip to Boston, and each year since we have raised a similar amount. Thank you for your support!

Battery Recycling!

posted: June 21, 2011

The Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation now has a BIG GREEN BOX for battery recycling!

Drop off your Alkaline – NiCd – NiMh – Lead – Silver – Mercury and – Lithium batteries for recycling.

Batteries can be dropped off Monday-Friday from 8 AM to 4:30 PM at 212 Lake Shore Drive West, Dunkirk, NY.

For more about BIG GREEN BOX, click the title above.