Our Ministry

We minister to each other

Members and friends of the congregation minister to each other, as we build among and beyond ourselves a caring and compassionate community. Through our affinity groups, classes and projects we get to know one another more deeply and offer support and caring through all life brings us.

The Caring Circle helps people to connect and to build a caring and compassionate community by:

  1. Being available as a listening and caring presence to members and friends during times of need and joy;
  2. Offering members and friends the opportunity to use their gifts to assist one another; and
  3. Providing resources and educational opportunities that strengthen caring skills.
    Details are on the Committees page under the Governance tab above.

UUCNC is a Welcoming Congregation ; see Activities (at left), then the Social Action page (its link will appear on the left) for more information about how the designation underscores our commitment as a congregation to increasing our welcome of people with marginalized sexual orientations and/or gender identities.

Those whose personal ministry calls them to help coordinate response in special circumstances, such as illness, may speak with any member of the Executive Board about serving on the Caring Committee. Read more about the Caring Circle under the Governance Tab > Committees.

We minister to the world

The Social Action Committee encourages individuals to participate in activities in our local and global communities which promote social justice and opportunity for all people. Monthly meetings are open to all who are interested. Weekly displays at the Sunday morning worship services give individuals an opportunity to learn more about a variety of issues, both local and global.

Our minister

We are currently engaged in a search for a new consulting minister, as our previous minister has retired from parish ministry.

Your personal ministry

If your personal interests and ministry suggest participation in any of our committees, affinity groups, study sessions or other opportunities, please speak with the committee or affinity group chair, or with any board member.

Our Minister’s Background

The Reverend Theresa A. Kime has served congregations in Pennsylvannia, California, Ohio and New York and spent several years as a hospice chaplain.

Rev. Terry writes:

Spiritually, I am most drawn to, and feel I have grown most deeply from Buddhist teachings, though I find comfort and sustenance as well in many Christian contemplative practices and teachings and in Celtic Christianity with its strong connection and appreciation of the natural world. I enjoyed many years of spiritual direction with directors that have included a Jesuit brother, a Benedictine sister and a Buddhist teacher. I have done many contemplative, silent retreats.

Connecting with one another, with that we name Holy and with our world — with joy and compassion — and finding ways to heal ourselves, our communities and our world are our essential spiritual callings, I believe, and the worship services and classes I do have this as their aim.