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Pay with some toughness for a gentle world

In her poem “An Observation” May Sarton writes that we must “pay with some toughness for a gentle world”. This poem was written while observing her mother’s elderly, gnarled hands, feeling judgmental, then upon reflection, seeing instead, they represent a lifelong faithfulness to the task … read more.

All hands on the plow

How exciting that our Sunday services will now take place in the church building at 222 Temple Street! (Of course, all events, all worship services, all committee meetings will be offered in a dual platform format, to ensure everyone’s participation.)

Sunday services in remote form seemed … read more.

People, Get Ready!

Greetings dear ones!

As I listened to the music that Bobbie Colt included in her March 13 worship service and heard Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions sing their classic “People Get Ready” (the version I was most familiar with), the music and lyrics transported me back … read more.

Seeds of hope, growing dreams

Spring is in the air; the thermometer will show 50 degrees today! I can spot the emerging corners of my raised garden beds, helpless against the rising temps. And the brown grass peeks through the remaining snow piles, invisible only a day ago.

I know I … read more.

The grammar of gratitude

February, despite its shorter number of calendar days, can often seem like the longest month of winter, coming as it does right after the busy month of January.

It is said that one of the best ways to live a more joyful life is to begin … read more.

Goals and dreams

In late December or on New Year’s Eve we often review and reflect on the past year and imagine the coming year. You might ask: What goals did I set last January that were accomplished? Which resulted in disappointment and failure, despite best my best … read more.

Being present

Dear Ones,

In the midst of all the seasonal excitement and festivities yet to come, the month of December can be filled to the brim. Yet it overflows with opportunities to practice the spiritual disciplines of attentiveness and presence. In the midst of dashing from place … read more.

Navigating the season

Greetings Dear Ones!

November signals a month of transition for many. From Halloween on through to the new year, the days fly by. Our calendars fill up with holiday preparations: shopping, baking, decorating, party planning. Outdoors, the gardens get cleaned up, tucked in safely against damaging … read more.

Month of transition

Greetings, dear Friends,

October can be a melancholy month for some of us.

Those who revel in the heat of summer, surely have done a LOT of reveling this year, with August recorded as the hottest on record!

In my childhood, it was the end of August that … read more.

New and inventive ways

Greetings, dear friends,

In our Unitarian Universalist tradition, the first Sunday after Labor Day often marks the “start” of a new church year. In a common ritual variously called the Water Service, Communion or Ceremony, we each pour a few ounces of water into a shared … read more.