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Make a positive difference

As I look outside my window these days, I reflect on the past year in order to prepare a sort of “Gratitude List” for Thanksgiving. I am not different than any other person. I am grateful for food, clothing, and shelter. I am grateful for … read more.

Health and Safety Policy

The UUCNC Executive Board has established a new Health and Safety policy, effective October 15, 2023, replacing the earlier COVID policy.

The new policy is also available under the Governance tab on this website, under Governance > Policies.

Chalice Circle Sundays

2023-24 Religious Exploration Program for All Ages

RE experiences is offered for three multi-age groups: Elementary, Coming-of-age, and Teen/Adult.  All groups will meet at the UUCNC meetinghouse (222 Temple St., Fredonia NY) on the third Sunday of each month at 10 AM

Each group develops its own covenant of … read more.

You are not alone

Dear Ones,

This will be my last newsletter message to you for 2023.  As I wrote in my annual report, this has been quite the year, with much to celebrate and much to reflect upon.  While there will always be challenges and circumstances when you begin … read more.

A break from routine

June can be an exciting month. When I was a child the warm days of late spring and the end of the school year created anticipation as summer meant more time with friends playing outdoors until the street lights came on. After the final report … read more.

Seeking justice

It’s April 12, the day the May newsletter message is due. Wendy and Karen work hard on this newsletter, and I have great respect for their service to UUCNC. But sometimes it can be difficult to know what to write in a message that readers … read more.

Online calendar

Some meetings are being held in person at the UUCNC meetinghouse (222 Temple St., Fredonia) with a Zoom option. Other meetings are held on Zoom only.

Consult our online calendar for up-to-date information.

April, come she will

Greetings Dear Ones,

“April, come she will; when streams are ripe and swelled with rain”* are the lyrics that begin this simple tune. Its composer, Paul Simon, wrote that he was inspired by an English children’s nursery rhyme about a cuckoo bird, its spring arrival and … read more.