From scarcity to abundance

Greetings Friends,

Today is sunny and warmish, with temps in the 30’s. I am doing some chores around the house and enjoying the effect the sunlight has on my attitude about housework, and on my dog Gracie. As the sunlight moves across the floor, she moves with it, basking in its warmth. Smart dog, eh?

Gracie has no problem making it clear to me what it is that she enjoys: walks, food, physical pats and strokes and cuddles. But when I speak using my sing-song voice with her, her ears perk up, and her tail wags as she waits to see what exciting thing is about to happen.

I think dogs are fairly simple in their needs, and generally really well behaved when they are getting their needs met. But how do we humans respond when we receive attention? When someone tells you they appreciate you, what does do for your spirit? Can you enjoy it, or does it feel uncomfortable? Do you deflect the compliment, or can you bask in it?

I think we each need to hear more often what people notice about our contributions. In a culture based on scarcity and messages we’ve learned about the importance of having an impeccable work ethic, we can forget how important it is to notice all the ways people are kind and generous. It is something that can make someone’s day to hear that you noticed them, caught them, so to speak, being generous, or kind, or inspirational, or funny, or helpful, or whatever!

Let’s change our culture’s value from one of scarcity to abundance; you never know who needs to hear something that will change their life!

See you on Sunday!
Rev. Sally