Transforming a dreary November

I am going to reveal a secret: I don’t like the month of November very much, especially the beginning.  Samhain is left behind for one more year; the wind has whipped the last remaining leaves from the trees.  The inviting blue waters of Erie look like slate, look foreboding. The occasional sunny warm days of October are gone, and we know what will follow, sooner rather than later.  On my little spot of land, I’ve finished what garden and yard chores I could get to, but, not surprisingly, lots of crispy, brown decaying leaves remain hiding, tucked under rocks, or into slick slippery stacks resistant to the most persistent rakes. These are the ones that will stay throughout the winter, and last into spring, when, at last, the insects emerge from these makeshift decaying homes and find life for one more season.

But it can seem like a long, slow descent into the season of festive holidays of gratitude and bountiful meals at the end of the month.  And the celebrations of the festival of lights, and the Kwanzaa and menorah candle lightings, seem too far away.  

Do you ever feel this way?  If so, how do you transform this somewhat dreary month for yourself and your beloveds?  What support do you need for this task?

Will you have the courage it takes to ask for help?

Change is our November theme. Change is something we can count on happening; it is necessary for life.

So, let’s welcome November with the Courage from October, and move into the eleventh month with brave hearts.

I promise to give this a try. How about you?

In faith and service,
Rev. Sally