Share the best kept secret

Just like a new school year, a congregation’s worship year brings excitement, ideas, and hope galore.

A congregation with a big dream list signifies its members are creative, determined to make things happen. I consider myself very fortunate to serve you. You offer compassion and companionship to others as they face the most difficult life challenges; you celebrate the joys of life together with vigor and fun.

UUCNC now holds in-person worship and includes those joining from home beautifully. You maintain a lovely worship space and know how to welcome visitors. Your goals include obtaining Green Sanctuary status. You’ve begun outreach to college students in town.

As your minister, I have my own list of things to offer this coming year, aside from my 20-odd Sunday services. I will be scheduling a class, a Saturday workshop, for people who want to learn more about our faith. Newcomers and those who are already members will be welcome, sort of as a refresher. From now until November 20, I invite you to bring friends to visit us for a Sunday service. It is time to share the best kept secret in Fredonia! Look for more details on this in the next few weeks.

On Sunday, November 20, we will welcome new members and recognize those who joined when we were not meeting in person due to the pandemic. This formal ritual invites those who have chosen Unitarian Universalism as their faith community in Fredonia, at UUCNC, to commit to those joining that day — a promise to accompany new members on their chosen spiritual path, as members of the growing Beloved Community, through the Congregational Covenant which states clearly what you promise one another.

It’s going to be an exciting church year, so let’s get started!

In Faith,
Rev. Sally