Updated COVID policy and reopening plan

COVID policy and reopening plan effective August 29, 2022

UUCNC’s Executive Board updated the COVID Policy and Reopening Plan, effective August 29.  The plan, linked above, remains in effect until further notice and is subject to change if changing conditions warrant. The Executive Board may update this policy and implement changes without any waiting period for the change to take place.  In the case of any future changes in the COVID policy, the board will inform congregants of such changes in as timely a manner as possible.

UUCNC understands the need to commit to offering dual platform worship services, and it will continue to do so.  This format allows optimal verbal and visual sharing between those present at 222 Temple St. and those participating online.

Provisions of the policy/plan include these:

  • Mask wearing will be optional and up to the individual to assess risk. All are encouraged to seek full vaccination whenever possible.
  • Musicians and those singing will keep appropriate distance from one another (2-3 feet apart is suggested).
  • Beverages and/or snacks may be prepared and shared at 222 Temple St. ONLY:
    • When there is a plan that ensures a designated person wears gloves and a mask while serving beverages;
    • Single serving snacks only will be offered.

For other details of the new policy, see the document linked above.