Working to be the Beloved Community

Greetings, Dear Ones!

As you read this message it is early July, but I write this mid-June.  In order for this to be included in the monthly newsletter I write this a couple weeks ahead of the distribution date. Much like paying bills on time or keeping a calendar, observing these dates helps me plan, ensures that I fulfill obligations and promises I’ve made.  

For gardens, determining what seed to harvest, store or purchase, placing seeds in small pots under grow lights—all this must happen months before they actually get planted in the garden plots we’ve prepared. For the seeds and small seedlings to thrive, they need the warmth of sun, enough rain or watering and the myriad required nutrients to fulfill their promise. In time, the rows of veggies I planned with hope and vision in the depths of winter will feed me (and perhaps a few others—I’m talking to you, rabbits!) for a season or two, or three if I am lucky.

But isn’t this like much of life? And much like the life of a congregation. We make promises to live in covenant with one another, we plan, organize, discuss, meet, work to fulfill the commitments we make to one another. For UUCNC to be the Beloved Community which moves with RADICAL LOVE, and reflects the richness of our diverse world, we must work to follow the VISION committed to. Then the MISSION, once only dreamed of, can become a reality, and, like the garden, find the harvest a good one, produce enough to feed our spirits and sustain our hope and faith in one another and in the lives we live for seasons and years to come.

May your summer be filled with the elements YOUR life needs to thrive!

Rev. Sally