All hands on the plow

How exciting that our Sunday services will now take place in the church building at 222 Temple Street! (Of course, all events, all worship services, all committee meetings will be offered in a dual platform format, to ensure everyone’s participation.)

Sunday services in remote form seemed to drag on forever, especially for all of you who have been part of the path to ownership of this special building. Won’t it be a grand thing to see one another face-to-face (even if masked!)? To have live music as part of the service! To celebrate together!

It helps me to remember the others around the world who have also suffered greatly during this historical pandemic, while also having to deal with loss of their homeland due to climate change, or who live in a warzone and have had to flee; and those who remain unsafe in their homes due to domestic violence, neglect or abuse, yet still manage to home school and feed their families. Though we know that we cannot “fix” these precarious and dangerous situations through our individual efforts, we can be comforted by the gift of our faith community, and seek ways to alleviate suffering around the world, in whatever ways we are able, together. All hands on the plow, inch by inch, row by row.

We can acknowledge the privilege(s) we have while working to alleviate the real suffering of others. Our collective lives need not be a zero sum game. It can take much work and intention to reconcile the both/ands of our lives, AND seek ways to make our world more just, more sustainable, more loving. It helps to walk this path together. I am grateful for your leadership, your vision, and your commitment to one another and the world.

In Faith and Service,
Rev. Sally