The grammar of gratitude

February, despite its shorter number of calendar days, can often seem like the longest month of winter, coming as it does right after the busy month of January.

It is said that one of the best ways to live a more joyful life is to begin to keep track of all that you are grateful for. This is a good month to do a gratitude inventory, to remember all who have made your life better, richer, fuller, by being part of your life.

A favorite website says that we need to develop an understanding of the “grammar” of gratitude. Acknowledging its structural importance in our lives will allow us to live more fully.

Here are some suggestions to “learn the grammar of gratitude”:

  • Practice saying “thank you” for happy and challenging experiences, for people, animals, things, art, memories, and dreams.
  • Count your blessings, and praise God. Utter prayers and express your appreciation to everything and everyone you encounter. By blessing, we are blessed.
  • Keeping a gratitude journal can be one way to learn the language of grammar. Include your family, nature, opportunities, animals, your body, and places you love on the list.

This month I am grateful for all of you. You continue to inspire me with your generosity and passion. I learn from you everyday. There are always new ways to practice and express what our faith means to the world.

What is it that you will remember to be grateful for, and how will you mark this?

Thank you for all you are, and for all you do!

See you on Sunday!
Reverend Sally