What lies ahead?

The skies are gray and clouds are low hanging this morning as I write my first message to you as your new Consulting Minister. Western New York has experienced continued days of heavy rain, loud thunderous storms, and the morning’s weather report warns of rising creeks and areas of flooding, cautioning us to avoid water filled roads and low bridges.

But you’re reading this message in early August! The skies may be clear, the temperature comfortable. You may be planning your favorite summertime activities without extreme concerns of safety as your first priority.

The message: Who among us can predict what lies ahead?

A new ministry in any congregation, like the weather, holds many unknowns in its future. Though I’ve met most of you already, either in person or via a camera lens, we still have so much to learn about each other. Many unknowns lie ahead, not the least being, how (and when) shall we be able to gather safely together once again, in person? Will the pandemic that has disrupted—and even ended—so many lives, ever be over? Will we finally be able to realize the hopes and dreams placed in our new congregational home, and look ahead with anticipation and joy?

While we step forward into this new relationship with one another, I’d like to ask a few things of you:

  • Let us greet one another as old friends who have yet to meet;
  • Allow curiosity to lead your heart;
  • View each new day as an opportunity to go more deeply into that which life calls you to become;
  • Rest in the knowledge that you are enough, just as you are;
  • Feel the power of your fellow Unitarian Universalists surround you in comfort, moving you towards faithful action, reminding you that you are not alone. A great cloud of witnesses have advanced the path ahead, and UUCNC follows in their holy footsteps.

I anticipate a wonderful year ahead with you, into the unknown yet familiar dance of our UU traditions and church year. I look forward to serving as your minister, celebrating life’s joys and facing the challenges that lie ahead, together in our shared ministry, even if all of it is yet to be discovered!

Yours, in Faith,
Rev. Sally Hamlin

*Please note: I will spend August as time to plan and prepare for the church year ahead. Beginning in September, I will have regularly scheduled office hours, in person, if fully vaccinated, or virtually, masked and distanced, otherwise. In the case of an emergency I can be reached by email, via text or phone, or use the Contact Us form at the tab above, and your message will be relayed to me.