Everything Possible

From the Heart

“You can travel any country where your heart leads, and know I will love you still …”

These are wonderful words from Fred Small’s song “Everything Possible.” They summarize my feelings as I take my leave from this amazing congregation. I will be retiring from ministry and from this congregation at the end of June.

My reasons for retiring have everything to do with the call of home and my advancing age. I am called to a different country, as you know.

We’ve built up a good deal of mutual love and care. And now we will carry this love with us as we travel on different roads. I will be sad as we part. And that said, I am determined to move forward.

I rest easy knowing your professional ministry will be in good hands with Reverend Sally Hamlin.

I hope this congregation will move ahead further along the road to freedom and justice, always with a song in your hearts and on your lips.

Reverend George Buchanan