From the heart

Our worship theme for January 2021 is “Imagination.” And we have wonderful services planned this month to help us effectively foster and cultivate our imaginations.

In our lives we understand the positive value of imagination. We imagine what might be true, and then work to find out whether what we imagine can come to pass. Ralph Waldo Emerson writes it thus: “Science does not know its debt to the imagination.”

We also recognize there are dangers and traps here. Those who wish to mislead can lie to us, telling us what we want to hear – even things that will never be true. We see this today among those who tell us the recent national election turned out differently than it did. And we also see this among those who would mislead us about the risks of the new COVID-19 vaccines.

There is a dividing line between:

  • using our imaginations to foster healthy growth and change, and
  • using our imaginations to delude ourselves and others.

This dividing line is sometimes hard to figure out in practice. However, a good working sense of this dividing line is essential to healthy living at many levels, including the spiritual. We’ll find time to reflect on this together in January.

With love to all,
Rev. George Buchanan