Seven generations

From the Heart

We have come through a momentous national election in the most powerful nation on earth—the United States. And perhaps the new government of this nation will be more trustworthy. Perhaps.

And with that said, there is at least one area where I do not fully trust the new American government. Climate change and disastrous degradation of the natural world is already happening. If we humans continue on our current disastrous course, this will only get worse. The proposed policies of the new American government will NOT lead to the changes we need. For the sake of the survival of future generations, much more radical policies are called for. I do not trust the new American government on this.

And the Canadian government also has policies that miss the mark; I do not trust them either. Just look at their plans for continued exploitation of the Tar Sands in Western Canada.

In contrast to these short-sighted policies, we as humans are called to adopt the “Seven Generations” perspective. The situation calls for us to extend our care and respect seven human generations into the future. Leaders from many of the indigenous nations of North America wisely teach us this.
With this Seven Generations perspective, humanity will come closer to realizing our Divine potential. I am placing my trust in this potential and possibility.

Reverend George Buchanan