Reflect deeply, vote accordingly, encourage others

From the Heart

As a Canadian citizen living and working in the U.S. these past 14 years, I have come to know and cherish many America friends. I more fully appreciate the deep strengths of the noble American experiment – including freedom and democracy. I care deeply for the U.S. and the ideals embodied in this country – as one can care deeply for a good friend of fundamentally sound character encountering difficult times. And I do have faith in the fundamentally sound ideals and character of the U.S.

Americans of all political persuasions tell me this year’s election is very important. And the American leaders of my religious denomination – the Unitarian Universalist Association – tell me the same. I cannot vote myself in this U.S. election. I do urge all eligible American citizens:
1) to reflect deeply from a place of Love on their democratic rights;
2) to vote accordingly, and
3) to encourage other eligible citizens to vote.

Here is my prayer arising from this, recognizing it will only be partially realized.

I hope and pray that all eligible American citizens are able to draw on Universal Love to reflect deeply on this election. And then I hope and pray they are able to vote safely, while freely encouraging others to do the same.

May it be so.
Rev. George Buchanan