Our Beloved Earth

From the Heart

During this pandemic it is vitally important to keep our feelings for our beloved planet alive in our hearts. I love our planet fiercely, and I know many of you do as well. My daily walks in my northeast Ohio urban neighborhood remind me of this fierce deep love. The sweet air of early fall here reminds me.

The coronavirus is part of our planet too, as are many other viruses we know about. We develop vaccines for the viruses threatening our lives and health. We as earthlings can do this important public health work and therefore improve our civilization. We do this as we continue to love our planet. There is no contradiction here. Healthy earthlings and a healthy Beloved Earth can go together if we make it so.

I pray we will sustain our fierce love for our planet – our Beloved Earth – as we handle the coronavirus wisely.

Love to all,
Rev. George Buchanan