For current members and friends

Reverend George Buchanan here. We are all concerned about the risks presented by the COVID-19 coronavirus.

First and foremost, I hope and pray you are all taking reasonable care of yourselves and following medical advice on handwashing and other practices.

If you do find yourself with cold or flu symptoms, please follow public health advice and the advice of your doctor. And also please take the time to let us know how you are feeling so we can reach out. You can reach me via phone, text or email. My phone number: (216) 338-4689

And if you are feeling distressed or overwhelmed, or just need to talk, please contact me.

In response to this current coronavirus challenge, we are worshipping online electronically, rather than in person. Most meetings are now online via chat rooms. Consult our online calendar for up-to-date information about our worship services and meetings.

Our good news is this: We remain a generous and caring people committed to sustaining and growing the Beloved Community and committed to living our Seven Principles. I will be keeping this good news in my heart as we respond to the difficulties of the coming days.

Love to all.
Reverend George Buchanan
Consulting Minister, UU Congregation of Northern Chautauqua
Text or call: (216) 338-4689