Radical Acceptance

From the Heart

In her excellent book Radical Acceptance: Embracing your Life with the Heart of a Buddha, Tara Brach writes:

“D. H. Lawrence described our Western culture as being like a great uprooted tree with its roots in the air. ‘We are perishing for lack of fulfilment of our greater needs,’ he wrote, “we are cut off from the great sources our inward nourishment and renewal.’ We come alive as we rediscover the truth of our goodness and our natural connectedness to all of life. Our ‘greater needs’ are met in relating lovingly with each other, relating with full presence to each moment, relating to the beauty and pain that is within and around us. As Lawrence said, ‘We must plant ourselves again in the universe.’

Although the trance of feeling separate and unworthy is an inherent part of our conditioning as humans, so too is our capacity to awaken. We free ourselves from the prison of trance as we stop the war against ourselves and, instead, learn to relate to our lives with a wise and compassionate heart.”

These words resonate deeply in my own heart. Yes, Yes, Yes. There have been times when I have felt cut off from my own roots in the natural and human world all around me. And from listening to you all, it seems many of us have had similar feelings.

As religious and spiritual beings, there is much for us to do individually and in community to “free ourselves from the prison of trance” and relate to our lives with wise and compassionate hearts. More on this another time.

Love to all,
Rev. George Buchanan