Follow your bliss

From the Heart

“Follow your Bliss!” Most of my advice as a minister is summarized in this phrase. I know life is far less than perfect and often difficult. And still, please follow your bliss.

This is not a command, but rather an invitation – an invitation at the heart of the genuine religious and spiritual life. Wise teachers, past and present, have offered us this invitation. Each puts the invitation in different words, but the underlying message is the same. Follow your bliss.

The phrase “Follow your bliss” comes from the writing of Joseph Campbell. He is talking about the time when I am present with work I am called into – those moments when the hours slip by unbidden as I focus on what fascinates me. This is my bliss. When I find this, Campbell correctly urges me to notice what is happening and follow that blissful work wherever it takes me. I will follow my bliss.

And I offer this invitation to all within the range of my voice. Yes, I know life is uncertain and strewn with challenges and difficulties. There are no guarantees. And with all that, we are better off following our bliss.

Please, dear hearts: follow your bliss.
Rev. George Buchanan