Wonderful possibilities

From the Heart

WOW! We have agreed to buy the 222 Temple building and property!

As we have all discussed these past few months, this opens up many wonderful possibilities. Assuming the closing goes as we plan, by August we will have our own building for worship, fellowship, and outreach.

One obvious outreach possibility – young adults. We have a large population of young adults, both students and otherwise, concentrated in our college town.

We have, at least potentially, wonderful gifts for these young folks. We can offer a warm community of free worshipers, exploring what is most important in our lives. We can offer a community open to “all souls,” affirming rainbow justice and racial justice.

We have this potential. To realize this potential, there is much work before us. I believe this work will involve offering Sunday evening programs in addition to our Sunday morning worship. These Sunday evening offerings might include “All Souls Sundown” services, or small group ministry meetings, or a mixture of both.

Let’s talk more about this, and the other ways we can make our community outreach stronger with our new facilities.

With love to all,

Rev. George Buchanan