Unitarian Universalist Congregation
of Northern Chautauqua

companionship on life's sacred journey

This is the first, the wildest and the wisest thing I know: that the soul exists and is built entirely out of attentiveness.
— Mary Oliver

Message From Our Minister

From the Heart

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in
— Leonard Cohen, Anthem

For many of us, the results of this election seem to leave us with a more difficult and dangerous world than we had hoped for. Perhaps there are fewer bells that still can ring for good in this imperfect world. No matter how we view the election, we certainly can agree our world continues to be less than perfect.

We know we are imperfect with lots of places in us where the light shines in. Knowing this, let’s work together to find those bells that still can ring for the good of the world. Knowing we are making an imperfect offering, let’s ring these bells with all our heart and all our strength. Let’s ring the bells of climate justice. Let’s ring the bells of racial justice. Let’s ring the bells of rainbow justice. Let’s ring these bells even more in times when our values are being called into question. The world needs the powerful music of these bells even more in the hard times.

And particularly, let’s have our light shine here in Northern Chautauqua, as we continue to ring the bell of freedom – religious freedom and freedom for all people. In our imperfection, we welcome the light coming in for ourselves. And then we share it. I hope and pray this congregation will continue to share this light of freedom, love and justice with all the world.

Ring the bells, share the light.

May it ever be so.
Reverend George Buchanan