Unitarian Universalist Congregation
of Northern Chautauqua

companionship on life's sacred journey

When you start about family, about lineage and ancestry, you are talking about every person on earth.
— Alex Haley

Message From Our President

Reflections on Letting Go

Last month’s theme, letting go, invites us all to consider the ways we hold on – to things, to people, to ideas, to ways of doing and being – and to imagine what might happen if we allow ourselves to let go. One of the best feelings between two people is to embrace, to join in the warmth and silence of holding one another in greeting or parting or consolation or joy. But I think about how hard it is to hug someone when my hands are full: we can gesture, but we cannot give ourselves without setting things down. We cannot receive the hand clasp or the warmth being offered if our hands are holding something else.

In other ways, too, we cannot be open to possibilities if we are holding on to the past or clinging to people or habits that hold us back. As a congregation, this doesn’t mean ignoring our traditions or giving up on one another. But as October reveals itself as the trees letting go of their leaves, we can take a few moments to reflect on the ways we might move forward, individually and collectively, by letting go.

Ginny Horvath
UUCNC President, 2015-2016